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Our main areas of expertise are:

Help design and mechanical design

  • Design and verification by RDM
  • 3D CAD
  • Verification of bolted joints
  • Calculations according to building standards (CM66, NV65, CODAP, EN13445, RCC-M, Eurocodes ...)

Modeling and meshing

  • Simplification and cleaning of complex geometries
  • Parameterized meshes or meshes on geometries
  • 1D (bars and beams)
  • 2D (shells, axisymmetric, ...)
  • 3D (structured hexahedral , tetrahedral)
  • Mixed mesh (shells / volume)

Mechanical calculations

  • Linear and nonlinear stress analysis (contact, plasticity, large displacement)
  • Linear or nonlinear transient calculations
  • Linear or non-linear buckling calculations, post buckling
  • Creep calculations (visco plasticity)
  • Pre constrained screwed assemblies calculations
  • Thermo mechanical calculations
  • Hyperelasticity calculations (Mooney-Rivlin, ...)
  • High cycle fatigue analysis (Goodman, Dang Van, Rain Flow, ...)
  • Low cycle fatigue analysis (Masson-coffin ...)

Linear dynamic calculations

  • Modal analysis
  • Harmonic calculation
  • Spectral and PSD calculation
  • Shock response and SRC

Thermal calculations

  • Stationary and transient calculations (conduction, convection, radiation)
  • Phase change
  • Calculations with radiation or hidden body cavities

Fluid mechanics calculations

  • 1D networks calculations and optimization
  • Internal and external flows
  • Pressure drop calculations, optimization
  • Calculations of aerodynamic forces
  • Calculations of heat transfer coefficients in natural or forced convection
  • Single phase / multiphase flows
  • Fluid / heating coupled Calculations
  • Fluid structure interactions

Development of dedicated tools

  • Fatigue analysis tools
  • Post-processing tools
  • Various languages: APDL, C ++, Basic VIsual, awk ...

Other skills

  • Super elements and condensation
  • Structural Zoom
  • Mesh boxes and crack propagation calculation
  • Dimensional or topological optimization
  • High thermo-electric coupling and thermal-electromechanical

EURO SIMULATION ENGINEERING   13E Avenue Charles de Gaulle    94470 BOISSY ST LEGER (FRANCE)   Tel : +33 (0)1 43 86 47 19